We help you fix any broken sewer pipe or collpsed line.

At Cool Component we carry out hydrostatic tests to detect in which part of the building or house the problem of low water pressure is found. This helps us identify leaks and other plumbing problems that can cause pressure to drop.

Hydrostatic testing should only be performed by experienced and
certified plumbers as incorrect readings will result if the test ball is not placed correctly inside the tube.

Is your sewer line clogged?

Cool Component is the solution, has the necessary equipment to detect where the problem is. We use tiny cameras in

The camera takes photos and video that allow our plumbers to see inside the pipes to detect what causes the line to be covered and analyze how the object that causes it is going to be removed.

One way to remove the object or objects that obstruct the sewer line is to use pneumatic equipment with strong propulsion jets, which will help to remove or disintegrate the object or objects up to the point of entry of the main drainage line.


We Offered repair, cleaning, replacement and installation sewer lines.


The type of water that reaches your home and how its use tells us what type of purification system your home should have

Cool component offers several Water Softener systems that help eliminate hardness, taste and odor from water, obtaining cleaner and purer quality water.

The water contains many contaminants and our treatment systems provide you with clean and safe water to drink, wash, clean your home.

Cool component can handle any type of water, whether from the municipal service or from a well. Our system is responsible for filtering, softening and adjusting the pH level to eliminate acidity.

With our water treatment systems we help you extend the life of your plumbing by removing calcium and other contaminants that can accumulate.

We offer you a budget that fits the needs of your family and home since we also have financing systems.




We carry out a wide variety of plumbing work for both home and business, from repairing water leaks the sink o toilet to the complete installation of a new house. from unclogging a collapsed drain line to a new sewer installation.


Do you manage a building, business or apartment complex? Our team of specialist has years of experience handling repairs including:

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If you’re planning a new construction and extencion or a remodeling of a home or business and you required qualified presonnal, who have enough experience and who also have the corresponding certifications.



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